Why invest in a property survey when moving?

When planning to move, whether that be for a domestic or commercial property, it is always recommended to invest in a property survey. A mortgage valuation on the property in question will not give you as much information and if you are caught out by a nasty surprise, it could be far costlier than the original survey.

Protect yourself from nasty surprises

A moving survey will catch any repairs and replacements necessary that the mortgage valuation may miss. The last thing you want is to start life in your new home dealing with issues that could have been resolved prior to a move, had a property survey been carried out.

Power of negotiation

Whilst no one wants to find any problems with the property you are contemplating purchasing, any problems that do crop up prior to a purchase will give you power to negotiate a lower price for the property. Particularly for businesses, you could also negotiate the seller resolving the issues before you move in as part of the cost of the property you are investing in.

Peace of mind

Finally, if you invest in a property survey and it comes back clear, you can purchase your new space at peace in the knowledge that the move will be smooth. You can then move on to making more solid plans such as signing contracts and researching removal companies etc.