Use these Tips to Simplify Corporate Relocation

Corporate relocation can be complicated, especially if the setup is in a high rise. There may or may not be large service elevators. Large service elevators make it easier to move sizeable furniture and other heavy hardware. The number of trips involved to remove all items, the finesse with which every precious item needs to be managed and the whole exercise of disassembling and reassembling everything can be a daunting challenge. You must simplify corporate relocation and these tips can be of immense help.

• Ask yourself if you would need your employees to be involved. You can always benefit with more hands at work, provided there is no chaos and everyone works in perfect synergy. If anyone is not familiar with the challenges and the technical tasks involved in corporate relocation, then it is better to exclude them from the exercise. Others can obviously chip in. Now, involving your employees can be confined to managing some types of items or they can play an all out role. You would need to speak with your corporate relocation company and work with them. It is inevitable that your movers will help you with the physical task of moving everything. Your employees can offer help but they cannot be made solely responsible for the whole task.

• Whether or not you want your employees to be involved will influence the date and time of corporate relocation. Most employees will not be willing to spend their weekend or evening hours to help with the move. You may have to time the move during the work hours. This may also have some additional benefits as moving on weekends can be costlier. Work with your corporate relocation company to determine the best day and time to move. Your decision may be influenced by the policies of the building you are presently in.

• It is not always wise to have more movers from the corporate relocation company. You would be able to speed up the whole exercise but you will need to pay much more for the additional pairs of hands. This is a tricky scenario since having fewer people may lead to more man hours and the hourly charge will continue to tick. You need to weigh the pros and cons of hiring more people or getting your employees to help. Always come up with a viable strategy and there is no thumb rule here. What works for you may not work for someone else and vice versa.