Top Tips for moving house

Moving home can be a very stressful time. From sorting everything you own into boxes to then relocating it all elsewhere can have both its up and downs. In one way it allows you to thoroughly sort all your belongings so that you can sell or throw away a lot you don’t need. However, there are many, many things you need to think about before you do. Here are some top tips to help when moving house.

1) Time

Avoid thoughts such as ‘we have time’ or ‘we can do it later’ that may come into your mind at any stage. Time will always creep up on you and if you do not pack early it could make moving house into a complete disaster. For large house that has 3 or more bedrooms it is recommended that you start packing at least 2 months before, even if it is preparing your boxes.

2) Be mindful where you start

It would not make sense for you to pack up your kitchen utensils 2 months prior to your moving date. So be mindful about which room you start with first. If you have a spare bedroom that’s always a great room to begin packing up or to use as a room to organise your boxes. Also start with seasonal household items such as Christmas lights or garden tools.

3) Get rid!

As previously mentioned, moving house is a great opportunity to really sort through all your belongings to give to charity or sell. Apps such as eBay and Shpock allows sellers to make a quick buck from minimal effort. What’s better than that?

4) Label, label and label

Labelling your boxes is absolutely essential for a smooth transition when moving house. When the time comes to unpack your many boxes in your new home you won’t want to spend 2 hours trying to find your toothbrush and night time items. Label on the side of the boxes rather than the top to make it easier to identify which items are where if the boxes are stacked.

5) Colour code

Not only is colour coding a very efficient way to code your boxes and rooms, it’s also a great way to get your kids involved if you have any! Moving house can not only be stressful for you buy also for children. It’s important to make it fun.

6) Heavy load first

Some might say that this goes without saying. But some people genuinely forget that if they put a very heavy box on top of a soft one then gravity will win. Avoid any breakages when moving house by loading things such as book and furniture parts first.