Top tips for minimalisation during a house move

Moving home is the perfect excuse for sorting through your belongings and throwing away all the items that have accumulated over the years that you no longer need. To do this to your full potential, there are a few things you can do.

Time Management

Time will always creep up on you, especially if you give in to procrastination with thoughts like ‘There’s plenty of time’. If you live in a home that consists of three or more bedrooms, it is recommended to start sorting through your belongings two months before the move is scheduled to go ahead.
Get organised

Before you pack your belongings into moving boxes, create a sorting system. A popular method to help with this is the three-box method. For items that are used regularly or hold sentimental value, store in the ‘keep’ box. Items that you no longer use, like, or need go in the ‘get rid of’ box and finally, for items that you want to bring to your new home but are taking up space in your current property; put in the ‘storage’ box. Do this room by room so that you can see the progress being made.

Start small

If you are someone who gets easily distracted, start the minimalisation process sooner and break the process down into small and accomplishable goals. Being stuck in the middle of a chaotic looking room can make it feel like the job will never be done, so create a checklist of tasks that can be accomplished quickly and tick these off as you go along to help you see the progress you are making on paper.

Sort through your clothing

When tackling your wardrobe, start from the bottom and work your way up. Everyone stores things at the bottom of their wardrobe, be it shoes, bags, or clothes that they do not regularly use. Tackling this first will make you feel like you are already half-way through, which will be a great motivator to finishing the job.

Most people continue buying more clothes without getting rid of the ones they currently own and never use. When sorting through your clothes, ask yourself three questions:

Is it damaged?
Does it still fit me?
When was the last time I wore it?

These questions will help to give you more perspective and will encourage you to be a little more ruthless with the process.

Take your time to consider

Once you have your full ‘get rid of’ box don’t feel as though you have to throw it out or give it to charity right away. Instead, sleep on it and in the morning, if you still feel firm in your decisions; get rid of it. If, however, you feel that there is an item that you really want to keep; take it out of the box and keep it.