Things to remember before your move

It can be surprising how much planning and preparation is needed to successfully move house. There will be times when you feel on top of things and others you may feel overwhelmed. Here are a few crucial things that may easily be forgotten during the excitement of your house move.

Before you move to a new house:

TV license

The last thing you want is to be charged for two TV licenses and have the added stress of trying to resolve this issue so soon after a move. If you have a subscription to Sky or Broadband, you will also have to contact them, especially if you will need to have a new box installed in your new property.


Whether that means contacting your bank to set up (or move) your home and contents insurance to you new property or organise insurance through your removals company to protect your goods during the move, organising these before you move will be one less thing to worry about after the fact.

After you move to a new house:

Don’t forget to redirect your mail

This is so easy to forget but could cause loads of issues after you have moved. You can arrange to have your mail redirected online through royal mail for a certain amount of time to give you space to settle into your new home before contacting any companies that may be sending you important mail to inform them of your change of address.

In between moving to a new house:

Take meter readings

This will only be relevant to people who live, or are moving in to, a property that uses meters for you gas, electricity and water; you will need to notify your current energy and water suppliers to give them a final meter reading at your old property as well as readings at your new property. You will most likely have to provide meter readings at your new property for a short period of time as well to prevent you from being incorrectly charged and to help your supplier measure how much energy you will be using at your new property.

Remembering to carry out these simple tasks will help to prevent big problems later down the line.