Smart Tips for a Fast Move

Psychologists say that moving holds third place on the list of the most stressful events in the life of every individual.

When you think of how much furniture, wardrobe, decorations, kitchen utensils and books you need to pack, you will start to panic and feel like giving up. But there is a solution to this problem. The secret is in good preparation. This is the only way to get rid of the chaos and unnecessary things.

Start your preparation on time.

Different things from different rooms should be packed separately. Packed boxes, suitcases and bags from each room should be marked so that you can see where the item is at any time. It is best to make stickers in a different colour for each room.

Create a check list

From the experience of people who are professionally dealing with moving, it’s invaluable to make a list of things to do when moving. Such a list will keep you on the right track, and as the moving day approaches, you will have a look at things you did and remove them from the list. This will help you not to forget important things.

Get a folder

The folder in which you will put all documents related to the apartment, birth certificates, marriage certificate, citizenship, passports, is a must.

Mark the most important boxes

To be able to function as soon as you move, pack one box of each room that will have priority over all other boxes and mark it with a red sticker. The so-called open – first box should contain things that you want to know where they are the moment you move into a new home.

Also, for each member of the household, pack one suitcase or rucksack of the necessary things and hold them separately.

Get rid of unnecessary things

Most of the time during moving is spent on packaging and unpacking, so do not waste time on things you have not used for years. Moving is the right time to get rid of them.

Schedule the date and time

Whether you are moving alone or hiring a moving company, schedule the date and specify the exact time for transportation.

Take a look at the long-term weather forecast, as weather conditions are important for moving if you want to avoid causing damage to your things.

Take the right measures

Do not forget to measure the fridge, the washing machine, the sofa and other stuff. When you do that, check whether they can fit into the new space, to get through a door or hallway.