moving internationally

The Scope of International Removals

When you hire a company for international removals, you would have the liberty to choose the scope of their services. They may be responsible for the whole process, right from the start including packing to the eventual delivery of all your goods to the new address. The service may also include unpacking, placing all the furniture in their appropriate places, installing appliances and helping you with general setup of the new place. The service may be limited. How limited it can be will depend on your decision. There are some companies that do not cater to the whole range of service. You should not hire such a firm for international removals. You can choose a limited service but you must have an option to go for the full suite.

• International removals may involve transports via road, air or sea. Usually, it is a combination of road and sea, at times air and in some cases rail. You would have a say but not decisively because where you are, where you are going and what type of stuff you are moving will determine the most appropriate modes of transport. No matter what the route is and how your stuff is shipped, your mover will keep you abreast of the developments. You should have real time updates of where your consignment is. There are checkpoints, such as dispatched from a certain port, arriving at a certain port, being processed at customs or having cleared the customs, on road to the final destination and other such progresses. These are in transit developments. State of the art companies have apps and real time online tracking. You don’t have to wait for the mover to give you an update. You can use the tracker yourself.

• It is best to have a professional mover take care of the whole process of international removals. You may choose to have your stuff delivered at the port nearest to your destination or you may have your stuff delivered at the address. The latter will pass on the responsibility of dealing with customs, the multiple loading and offloading as well as last mile delivery onto the mover. This may or may not cost you more but it just makes the whole process much simpler. You may not be fully aware of how the customs work at a new country, what their systems and processes are. The international removals company would know and they would be familiar with the whole process.