The primary challenges of international removals

Moving is always a herculean task, unless all you have is one large piece of luggage and no major possession at all. Whether you are moving within a city or from one province to another, there will be many challenges that you would have to overcome. These challenges become exponentially more daunting when we talk of international removals. Moving from one country to another is a monumental endeavour, even if the two nations are neighbours or sisters from the cultural perspective. You may be moving for personal reasons or you may have a professional compulsion. You may be moving your business to another country or retiring to a more affordable place. Every scenario will have its own demands but you can expect to face these primary challenges of international removals.

  • You would realise that you don’t know enough about the exact place you are moving to. Knowing a fair bit about the country is one thing, knowing a neighbourhood or city is a different ballgame. You may know the basic details of the place but you would not know how life is at your chosen place. You should seriously get in touch with expat communities or go to forums dedicated to discussing life in that particular place. Try to conduct as much research as you can and learn everything you can before you move out. You should not choose a place unless you are certain you will have the least problems. Ideally, this exercise should precede hiring an international removals company.


  • You must hire an international removals company and don’t go for the cheapest quote. You don’t want your assets to be damaged. You don’t want unpredictability or an unreliable service. Domestic removals and international removals have very different challenges. Pay fair rates and don’t compromise on the professionalism, expertise, experience and proven track record of the international removals company. Your relocation agent should also be able to help you with visas, permits and other legal formalities required at the time of moving and when you arrive at the new country. Those who have to move due to work will have this simplified as the employer will take care of most of the legalities. Moving on your own will require you to have everything in place before you can take the flight.


  • Just as you pack safe and plan every phase of international removals, think about your pets if you have any, have enough cash of the currency of the country you are moving to, get to know the laws pertaining to any item that you may be bringing in which is not exactly safe or universally movable and make sure you find out what happens to your healthcare policy.