Moving tips that will save you a lot of money and time

We have selected a few useful tips for you to help you avoid mistakes that are the result of poor preparation of moving and can cost you money and nerves:

Get well informed about the locations you would like to move to

People often move to a new neighbourhood to be near their place of work or university. For parents, a particular focus is also put on how close your new home will be to local schools. In addition, the quality of life in your new neighbourhood is also very important when it comes to reaching a decision such as; where the local doctors, supermarkets are and what the access to public transport is like, etc.

Schedule the move in time

Keep in mind that you are not the only person who is planning a moving. There are thousands of people who do this every day, especially during spring and autumn. So, do not wait for the last moment to schedule a move, get in touch with the moving company at least 15 days before the date you chose for relocation. Do not put yourself in the situation of being forced to accept the company that is available at the moment which can charge you a lot more.

Contact more moving companies

Make sure you get in touch with at least three different moving companies and you will have the opportunity to compare the prices on the market and decide for the company that suits you best.

Do not organise a move on your own

There is a bunch of obligations when it comes to the organisation of the moving process, starting from hiring a moving truck, packing things, buying packing and protecting materials, inviting neighbors and friends to help you. From experience, we know that such processes are mostly more expensive and last longer than you can imagine, especially if you do not have experience in organising moving. For example, if you do not have the experience and technique to carry furniture, you can easily damage doors, walls, floors and the furniture itself. If you do not put things properly in the truck you rented, you may need to pay for one more truck because you will run out of space.

So, on the basis of the above examples, we have indicated that leaving the moving process to professionals is, in most cases, more cost-effective than moving by yourself.