Make the most of your storage solutions

Storage solutions can be affordable or expensive depending on your where you are, how much space you need, who you choose and what your budget is. Most people need temporary storage solutions while moving but they may turn out to be a semi permanent or relatively long term requirement. Don’t let this happen. You should have a proper plan as the duration will have a substantial bearing on the cost. If there is some stuff that you would not move to your new home or office, then it is better to sell them or give them away. Making space for them will only make your required storage solutions more expensive. You may also keep paying for it over a much longer span of time.

• You should not hire a smaller space than you need and you should not waste space. It is futile to pay more when you don’t need a larger unit. The only way you can know for certain is by actually measuring the items you intend to keep in the unit. Do not presume as this is a surefire way to get it all wrong. You should measure the largest items. Take a count of the smaller items. If they are similar, then measure a few and then just multiply. If there are too many pieces that have odd or quaint forms, then these should be measured while accounting for additional space. You may or may not be able to align other stuff with such items. In any case you would want to maintain some order in your storage solutions. Don’t be completely random with how you place things inside the unit.

• There will be some really sturdy items and there would be some fragile goods. Then there will be some soft goods that are neither sturdy nor fragile. Any such stuff you have, from towels to sheets, can be used as buffer. You must make good use of these materials as natural protection for other items. Don’t forget where you keep fragile stuff as you don’t want to mistakenly break them while moving them out of the storage solutions.

• Always account for the space needed by packing materials. Not every fixture would go into nifty boxes. You may need some padding for some items. You may need additional protective packaging for extremely fragile goods. These packing materials will take up some or a lot of space. This will depend on how much stuff you have. You don’t want to run out of space in the end.