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Local vs. National Removal Firms: A Pragmatic Comparison

There are many industries where local businesses thrive and are a better choice than those with a national presence. Small shops, family owned businesses, local diners and mid-sized manufacturers often have better prices and do ensure attention to detail. Large companies often consider cutting corners to make more money. However, you have to consider national firms in certain industries. Many industries and hence products or services are beyond the capacity of small businesses with a limited local target audience or market. The removals industry is unique in a way. There are small packers and movers that are quite good at the job. There are national removal firms that are even better. Here is a brief but helpful comparison of local and national removal firms.

The first reason why you should consider national removal firms is reputation. A company doesn’t manage to gain a nationwide foothold and keeps operating unless it is reliable and has kept on delivering on its promises. The larger a company, the easier it is for the brand to earn disrepute. Smaller companies may still go ignored and their failures might not be in public discourse. When you hire or consider national removal firms, you don’t have to worry about their expertise, infrastructure or reputation.

• The second reason is presence. When you are moving from one place to another and need a company to pack, move and store, then move again and perhaps install the fixtures at the new place, the need of the hour is sufficient infrastructure. A small to medium sized company will have limited infrastructure and the facilities will be capped. It is not only about a storage space or the materials but also the places where the company can cater to. A small company may not be able to crisscross the country with your possessions. Even if they do, the cost can be quite steep as the company may not have any operation at the place you are moving to and hence the trip back will be factored in to your quote. This will inflate the estimate and you will pay more than you should. The network of branches, storage spaces, the fleet and the people working across the country in a national removals firm allows them to offer a holistic service at a reasonable cost.

It is true that many small companies will be able to offer better quotes for short hauls as their overheads are contained. This advantage will not be relevant when you are looking at long haul trips. National removal firms have the distinct edge.