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When you are moving, you do not always have available space at your new residence that is suitable for all of your furniture. This means that much of the furniture that will be removed from your old property needs to be stored until you have available space. The most affordable storage spaces are those that do not feature climate control.

When you are moving furniture to be stored in a storage facility without climate control, there are a few precautions that you need to take to ensure that the furniture is protected. It is important that you prepare your furniture before you have it removed to a storage facility without climate control. The right local moving company offers the removal and storage services that you need most for your local move.

Here are a few storage and removal tips from the best local moving company in the region:

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One key that you need to remember when furniture is going to be stored in an area where the temperature can range, is that the various parts should be disassembled. For a bed you should remove the headboard and frame, but for a table, you should remove the legs. Be sure that you place all screws in a container that is labeled and accessible. It is also important that you wax wood furniture pieces after you disassemble them. This will provide an extra level of protection if there is additional moisture in the storage unit. By disassembling the furniture pieces you can also save on space and ensure that you can pack the storage unit most effectively.



If you are going to be storing furniture that is made of fabric, it is a good idea to spray them down with an antibacterial cleaner in advance of moving the items. Be sure that you allow the fabric to dry completely before these furniture items are stored. The antibacterial cleaner will make it more difficult for mildew or mold to grow on the furniture even if there is a lot of moisture in the storage unit.



If you have any d├ęcor or furniture pieces that are made from metal or brass, you need to make sure that they are polished in advance of your move. When you polish these items, you have the ability to prevent against oxidation when they are enclosed in a storage unit for a long period of time.