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How to avoid the pitfalls of a business move

Whether you are relocating closer to a major city or are expanding to a bigger premise, there are a few things you can do to avoid any hidden pitfalls that may cause a delay that could otherwise have been avoided. Gathering as much knowledge from other businesses experiences will assist in preventing you from making the same mistakes.

Last minute planning

Planning the move at the latest stage possible does not just result in a stressful move, it can also mean that you have last minute expenses. For example, finding a last-minute removals company and not having a property survey can result in a team of too many or too little movers and vans. A quality moving company will carry out a survey of your property to accurately quote a price and ensure there are enough people and vans available on the agreed date to successfully execute your move.

Not planning in advance may also mean that you come across issues at the new office. Whether this is not having enough ports for your electrical equipment or being inundated with equipment that needs to be environmentally recycled, getting as organised as possible and asking as many questions as possible will prevent problems like this occurring.

Not motivating staff
A business move should be an exciting experience for everyone involved. Giving your staff as much information as possible throughout the process will help them to be motivated throughout the process and will make moving day that little bit more special.

Moving property will most likely include a change of commute for many of your employees, so knowing at least the area the business will be moving to will help them plan. It may mean they alter the mode of transportation they use, particularly if there are limited parking facilities at the new location. This will mean organising the purchase of season tickets and the like.

Whenever a new milestone is reached, shared this information with your staff. Celebrate with them when an exact moving date has been secured, show them photographs or floor plans where everyone will be based to help raise the level of excitement and make them feel involved in the process.

Forgetting to ask important questions

Whilst there are some obvious questions that need to be asked when considering a new business location, there are some that can be easily forgotten that could spell disaster come moving day. Questions like, are there enough plug sockets to accommodate your requirements? What is the internet speed? Will your computers be supported by a team at the new property or will you need to source this yourself? Whilst easy to forget, questions like this really can make all the difference.

Moving business location is an extremely exciting process, and if you carefully plan and execute your move; it can be smooth sailing.