Smart Tips for a Fast Move

Psychologists say that moving holds third place on the list of the most stressful events in the life of every individual. When you think of how much furniture, wardrobe, decorations, kitchen utensils and books you need to pack, you will start to panic and feel like giving up. But there is a solution to this […]

office removal

Local vs. National Removal Firms: A Pragmatic Comparison

There are many industries where local businesses thrive and are a better choice than those with a national presence. Small shops, family owned businesses, local diners and mid-sized manufacturers often have better prices and do ensure attention to detail. Large companies often consider cutting corners to make more money. However, you have to consider national […]

Do you need a removals company?

Moving is not a process a family or business goes through often, so it can feel as though you are navigating through murky waters when it comes to deciding between investing in a relocation company or taking on the move yourself. Whether or not you should invest in a removals company to help with the […]

National moving companies

If you are planning on hiring any of the national moving companies available to help you with your upcoming move – regardless of whether or not it is to move a small flat, and entire home, or a commercial property makes absolutely no difference – you’re going to want to be sure that your only […]

Pickfords – A History

Being in business for over 35 years is quite an accomplishment. And with so much time in the removals industry you are bound to pick up a story or two along the way. Pickfords have decided to share some of their best stories with us. Here is a sum up of the types of stories […]