House Removal Firms

A Brief Guide to Packaging, Loading & Unloading by House Removal Firms

House removal firms may only cater to moving or they may undertake packaging, loading and unloading as well. It depends on the type of agreement you have with the house removal firms. It is best to opt for a limited moving service if you don’t have a ton of goods or more. You should opt for an all inclusive service if you have lots of goods including substantially heavy items and fragile assets. There will be a direct impact on the cost if you choose an all inclusive service but that would be unavoidable in some circumstances. You must weigh the pros and cons of offering an all inclusive service of house removal firms.

House removal firms usually offer full service packaging, fragile only packing or they provide the packaging materials but don’t really do the packing. The last option works well for anyone who needs the packaging material but has the time and intent to do the packing on their own. The fragile only packing makes sense for anyone who has too many vulnerable items and especially if they don’t know exactly how to pack them in a manner so they are perfectly safe. All inclusive or full service packaging is the best option for anyone who doesn’t have the time or the intent to deal with the tedious task.


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House removal firms should be able to offer you a plethora of packaging materials.

They must have standard boxes, usually between one & a half and six cubic feet. They should also be able to provide you with wardrobe boxes, mirror boxes which can also be used for glass tabletops and framed pictures, mattress boxes that are specifically meant for mattress but vary in size, dish barrel which is specialized to move china and dishware, stretch wraps for furniture and padding for any item that is not going into a crate or package.

Some people can load and unload all their goods. Most people would need a helping hand. It is better to pass on this responsibility to house removal firms when there is a substantial quantity or volume of goods. Loading and unloading are complicated tasks, be it the mattress or a piano, the large sofa or glassware. One must also factor in the need to disassemble certain fixtures before moving and then reassembling them at the destination. House removal firms do cater to this need as well, for an extra fee. An all inclusive service will be holistic and systematic.